Sakuma Daisuke seiyuu debut ✊😭 Kaji Yuki said Sakkun Love 😆💕

I'm so damn happy for Sakuma Daisuke . He debut as seiyuu in 白蛇 縁起 a.k.a White Snake (chinese anime) as one of the main lead✊😭💘. Before , he only got an extra role in Black Clover. Now , Kaji Yuki is his friend. Both of em' r so damn cute. Why r they so smol? 😆💕

Sore Snow Man - Snow Man vs Kaji Yuki (God Seiyuu competition)

White Snake teaser :

White Snake ost : Snow Man - 縁-YUÁN

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Sakuma Daisuke is boyfriend & husband material 👌😭💕

Sore Snow Man

Sakuma Daisuke is the best omffggg 😳💕 I legit cry my ass off after his "proposal" as if it's for me bruh 😢💘
Also... My dirty ass keeps on imagine Sakuma Daisuke in a naked apron... He really... Ughh.. Stop seducing me omffggg😆💕
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Japanese horror movie

Queen Louise upload a lot of rare japanese horror movie. Make sure to visit & support queenlouise livejournal guyyssss.   I can't watch Dorome Boys Side & Girls Side before but now i can omffggg thank you😭💕 Fansubbers can help sub this movie too 👀 

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Does anyone have JPTVTS invite?

i really need it for my jdrama addiction plsss . I'll seed the torrent , i also have jpopsuki & i seed a lot . I hope i can get an invite ><  already got an invite yey

i really wanna watch Ashi Girl SP ><  Wakagimi-sama !!! <3<3<3

omggggg i shippppp
omggggg i shippppp
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Happiness - Power & SudannaYuzuYully - Look At Me Now

Suda Anna rap burn my entire fucking house! I have no regret. She can step on me , bitch my wig gone forever 

My favourite phrase — *LOOK AT ME , SUKI NA YOU NI*

I'm already bald  because of E-Girls&Generations — EG-ENERGY , now they did this THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Suda Anna look like a baby ~ So cute!~ I LOVE HER <3 

H = Happiness

My wifi suck but i have to post for Suda Anna  <3

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Sakkun kakkoi

Nakajima Yuto to appear in Japanese remake of American legal drama “Suits” in October

credit:tumblr @jumpinyutopia

As a shipper.... Im happy as heck bc Yuto and Yuko gonna appear in the same drama again!!!!!~~~~
(I hope they are paired together as acouple plzzzz~~~~)


Plus Imada Mio from Hana Nochi Hare is one of the cast too~~~~
My first impression of her when i watch that drama is she is kawaiii and Marley Quinn Japanese Version . I love her hairstyle omggggg.

As for other cast , they look so experienced and professional. Im looking forward for this drama!!~~~~

The original ver of Suits are from US series and actually i've been wanting to watch that series but... (jdrama,anime,and manga is on the list , plus the series has 7 SEASON!!!!! HOW CAN I CATCH UP?!)

And so! I decided to watch the JDrama ver first then watch the series .

Sakkun kakkoi

You Always Inhabit My Heart

First of all tq @animeswordmaster for subbing this drama~

Second of all .... THE CAST IS PERFECT!

I love Yoshika-chan bc of her role in Gomen Aishiteru~ In this drama , i can totally relate to her... i'm an awkward,anti-social and negatif person like her. But she is a hardworker tho. That i can't relate lol

I've always looking forward for Mukai-san new drama and stumble upon exited as heckkk and didn't expect he will be a psycho? I don't really get his role here... why did he only want to mess with Kyoko???? WHY ONLY KYOKO??? I really hate his role here but... well . It's ok bc he is hot af haha

Kiritani-san , i hate his role in Cain to Abel when he become a (bad boy?) lol. His acting is too great that's why i can hate him lol. In this drama ,.... i totally FALL IN LOVE WITH HIM~~~~~ He is so kind omggggg. MARRY ME >< Whenever Kyoko with him, she always become more cheerful and positive~ UNLIKE THAT OTHER TRASH GUY(sorry not sorry)

I don't hate spoiler but...this drama is to good for a spoiler. So, im in dilemma ... should i read the manga or nah? I really can't wait to know how it end~~~
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